Hobie 15 Club 2006 - USED

Second hand beach Catamaran in excellent condition, suitable both for private as well as professional use.
Offered with Original Sails in good condition.
Hulls refurbished and repainted white. No cracks or delamination whatsoever.
Includes Symmetrical reinforced polyester white hulls with anti-skid neoprene and patented removable keel, Bended front crossbar with dolphin striker for more rigidity, Dacron colored loosefooted main sail with reef points - vertical cut, Dacron colored jib - vertical cut, Double trapeze with 4 J&H handles, Lexan rudder blades and E-Z lock system, Aluminum tiller extension, Integrated rail rear crossbar, Standard blocks, CCT main traveler car, Mast Float.


Length: 4,95 m
Beam: 2,26 m
Main area: 11,50 m²
Jib area: 3,50 m²
Mast height: 7,20 m        
Weight (ca.): 155 kg        
Crew: 1-4
EC Homologation category: C

Hobie Cat 15 Club 2006 - USED

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