Hobie Twixxy

Easy to handle, stable and safe, the Hobie Twixxy can board a team of 3 people (for example : 2 adults and a child). With its simple and optimised rigging it offers more volume to initiate a greater public. An ideal beach catamaran for professional and recreational use, with minimal maintenance.
 White 3-layer rotomolded polyethylene rotomolded hulls, equipped with handles and large inspection ports to facilitate access for boat assembly, Bended front crossbar with ball as mast base, Jib sheet block fixed on a pad eye with plastic spring, Rear crossbar with integrated rail, SSI traveller, Double trapeze, 1-piece mesh trampoline with Pocket, Hobie EZ-Lock Rudder assembly, Lexan rudder blades, Loose footed Dacron coloured mainsail with reef points, Dacron roller jib with Velcro pocket to stow the halyard and Anti-UV Strip, Parallel bow spreader bar with longer wires to avoid breaks in case of collision, Mast Float, Aluminium Tiller Extension, Hawaiian Righting Kit, Standard Blocks.


Length:    4,38 m
Width: 2,30 m
Mast height: 7 m
Mainsail area: 10,26 m²
Jib area: 2,26 m²
Weight (ca): 139 kg
Crew: 2
EC Homologation    C & D category

Extra Twixxy Options

Spinnaker Kit Soft trumpet with Spi                        
Rudder covers (2)                               
2 piece mast                                   
Beach dolly Cat-Trax balloon wheels                       
Cat Trax Road Trailer – Galvanized, w/metal box               
(Telescopic Lighting system, mast support- Fits all sizes of Cats)       

Hobie cat Twixxy

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